Research teams

Fabrice Carrat is the director of the institute and Maria Melchior is the deputy director.

The Institute is composed of 6 Inserm and Sorbonne University research teams. It is located on two hospital sites in Paris: Saint-Antoine (Paris 12th) and Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris 13th). [Getting to IPLESP]

  •     SUMO: Surveillance and modelling of communicable diseases (Pierre-Yves Boëlle)
  •     CLEPIVIR: Clinical epidemiology of emerging chronic viral diseases (Fabrice Carrat)
  •     THERAVIR: Therapeutic strategies against HIV infection and associated viral diseases (Anne-Geneviève Marcelin)
  •     NEMESIS: Environment, mobility and health (Basile Chaix)
  •     PEPITES: Pharmacoepidemiology and evaluation of care (Florence Tubach)
  •     ERES: Research team in social epidemiology (Maria Melchior)

Research support team

The Institute also has a transverse research support team :

  • Admin : Administration division (Marianne Bailly)
  • SI : Information system division (Guillaume Dussaillant)

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